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Rivers, rivers, rivers. I have had the pleasure of going on some kayaking excursions with the Friends of Sampson County Waterways, and am always transported to another dimension after the trip.  The Black River is so dense and black from the tannin of the trees that it is indeed aptly named.  The quiet of the surroundings is welcome, as is the intense blue of the sky.  We have paddled to clean debris from the river, or just to enjoy the scenery, but either way, it is a gem of an activity here in Sampson County that all who visit should experience!


Guests Rock

I had a full house this weekend, full of locals who have come home for a reunion, travelers headed to Charleston, and soon to be residents interviewing for jobs.  I always learn something from guests whether it be something historic about Clinton, or a food fun fact. I recently had a guest I went to high school with!  Each one of my guests is a ray of sunshine that comes in and trusts me to have a clean place to sleep and good food to eat.  i appreciate my guests for giving me a chance to provide the hospitality they are looking for, and for coming back!  Thank you!


Local Chorizo!

Huevos Rancheros for breakfast!  Yummy local eggs and the best chorizo sausage I have ever had.  The guests enjoyed it immensely, and commented that it tasted much fresher than the store bought product,and didn’t have all of the “unidentified bits” in it. Their tastebuds were not lying!  Pastured sausage from Beartrack Farms delivered flavor, texture and style – all in better health!


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